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Issue 1-1
Protein Powder Basics
Issue 1-2
Muscle Building and Exercise Equipment
Issue 1-3
5 Fat-Burning Tips
Issue 1-4
How to Get Abs; Essential Fatty Acids that Burn Fat
Issue 1-5
Nutrition & Health Secrets; 10 Best Fitness Foods
Issue 1-6
More Nutrition & Health Secrets; Amino Acid Trio Burns More Fat
Issue 1-7
Strength Training; Biomarkers
Issue 1-8
Ab Tips
Issue 1-9
Lance Armstrong Shares His Secrets to Success
Issue 1-10
Power Foods
Issue 1-11
Vitamins & Minerals - Part I; Diet and your Immune System
Issue 1-12
Vitamins & MInerals - Part II; The Fitness Corner
Issue 2-1
Surprising Ways to Shed Weight; The Fitness Corner

Issue 2-2
Sticking to an Exercise Program - For Good!

Issue 2-3
How To Increase Your Metabolism; Good Fats Up...Bad Fats Down!

Issue 2-4
10 Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

Issue 2-5
Why Diets Fail -- and How to Prevent Yours From Doing The Same!

Issue 2-6
7 Ways to Keep weight Off Once You've Lost It
Issue 2-7
Eye Popping, Fat-Slashing Tips!

Issue 2-8
You can get a better body - Here's How

Issue 2-9
Is this holding you back from a great body?

Issue 2-10
Consider this when trying to get your body to change
Issue 2-11
Use your mind to get the body you want
Issue 2-12
Is it "Urgent" enough for you?

Issue 3-1
Weight Loss and Champagne

Issue 3-2
Sleep your way to more fat loss

Issue 3-3
More of sleeps benefits
Issue 3-4
This is really worth it
Issue 3-5
Coffee and fat loss
Issue 3-6
Babies and weight loss
Issue 3-7
How to eliminate all doubt on how to lose fat
Issue 3-8
All About Sex
Issue 3-9
How To Defeat Your Greatest Saboteur and Get Into Great Shape For Good
Issue 3-10
How to Succeed In Life
Issue 3-11
How to Create a New Body WITHOUT Excuses
Issue 3-12
What to "Get" to Get What You Want.
Issue 4-1
How "Wrong" Equals RIGHT!
Issue 4-2

Issue 4-3

Issue 4-4
Get Back Jack!


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