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This month I'm going to give you a couple of quick tips that will improve your health, help you fight off disease, and reduce your markers of aging.

How To Look, Feel, and Be Younger

Good old mom. Remember how she used to cajole you into eating your fruits and vegetables to stay healthy? Turns out the advice she was giving you was right on the money. But you already know that fruits and vegetables are good for you right? Then why don't you eat more of them on a regular basis?

In our busy world we sometimes don't have time for the basics like making sure we put the best foods in our bodies all the time. In the rush to get out of the house in the mornings or the daily grind of work, meetings, and deadlines, we often fail to provide our "machine" with the proper foods it needs. And I don't mean food to just get us through the day, but the vital nutrients, cofactors, vitamins, and especially antioxidants that will promote health, fight off diseases like cancer, increase our energy levels, and even our lifespan.

Since time is a precious commodity what I've done is provide you a short list of the fruits and vegetables that contain the highest amounts of antioxidants. It's always best to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. But when you can't, ensuring you eat the following foods on a regular basis will give you the best "bang for the buck." They will go a long way towards keeping the "insides" of your body fit and healthy. And not just for today either. These foods have been shown to have very strong cancer-fighting properties. This will bode you well in your retirement years because you had the wherewithal to do something about staying healthy today.

Fruits and Vegetables:

  • Blueberries (ounce for ounce they contain more disease-fighting compounds than any other fruit or vegetable)
  • Kale
  • Strawberries
  • Spinach
  • Collard Greens
  • Sweet Potatoes (low in calories and loaded with beta-carotene, vitamin C and E)
  • Red, Yellow or Green Sweet Pepper (1/2 pepper has 170 mg of vitamin C, 2.8 times the RDA)
  • Broccoli

You can find a list of 26 more foods I've found that not only increase your health but also help you lose significant amounts of fat. It's available in my Ultimate Results Manual. CLICK HERE to read about the benefits you'll receive.

3 Amino Acids Pack a Powerful Punch

A special group of amino acids called Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) have very powerful effects in your body when taken alone on an empty stomach. These 3 amino acids have been extensively studied by scientists and are well documented in their ability to exert a powerful fat loss and muscle building stimulus.

Numerous studies have shown taking BCAA’s in therapeutic doses while dieting increases fat loss and (very important point here) helps spare muscle tissue.

Remember, your goal is always to minimize loss and even try to increase the amount of muscle tissue you have on your body while dieting. The reason is the amount of muscle you have is directly proportional to your metabolic rate -- It determines your ultimate ‘calorie-burn’. More muscle equals more calories burned, all else being equal.

Here’s the interesting thing about BCAA’s. They are your body’s preferred protein "fuel" source. This is an important point to remember (I’ll tell you why in a moment). Understand this doesn’t mean your body prefers to use it over carbohydrates (glycogen), its just when it does use protein as fuel it uses BCAA’s.

You recall your body uses three types of fuel: fat, carbohydrates (glycogen), and protein (BCAA’s). Your current state of nutrition (calorie surplus or deficit), bodyfat level, and the amounts of glycogen you have stored in your muscles and liver will typically determine which one your body uses over the other.

Your goal, of course, is to always try and get your body to use fat over the other 2 fuels it has available to use. Just ‘wishing’ it to happen however, will not work. You must let science proven by real-world results guide you to the most effective way in doing this.

When dieting, the amount of fuel used as BCAA's increases dramatically. If not supplied in your diet your body will "grab" it from wherever it can. Since you have a small, continuously circulating pool of amino acids in your bloodstream your body can use it from there.

However, where BCAA's are supplied to that pool is an important point. If you don't take enough in through your diet your body will actually tear down muscle tissue from other areas of your body in order to supply it. And that's the last thing you want to do. Who wants to work real hard at increasing muscle tissue only to have your body tear it down to supply another area -- just because you didn't supply enough of it in your diet. Trust me, this is the last thing you want. It's like taking 1 step forward and 1 step backward. The net gain is zero and in extreme cases can even be negative.

Now that I've convinced you it's important to supplement with BCAA's while dieting let me tell you why it's really important to do so -- Increased fat loss in stubborn areas by 34.4%!

A study was performed in 1997 on elite wrestlers.

In this study, researchers had subjects consume one of four different diets for 19 days. The diets consumed included:

  • a low calorie diet
  • a low calorie high-protein diet
  • a low calorie low-protein diet
  • a low calorie high-protein diet combined with BCAA's

Subjects recorded their meals in a journal each day. The subjects consuming the branched-chain amino acid enhanced diet received their daily intake of BCAA’s by ingesting supplemental branched-chain amino acids equal to .25 g/kg of bodyweight per day. Prior to and after the study, each subject performed a variety of tests including measurements of aerobic and muscular fitness, percent bodyfat, and blood hormone measurements.

Results from the study showed the subjects consuming the high protein diet including branch chain amino acid supplements lost the greatest amount of weight and bodyfat.

The total average weight loss after 19 days was 8.8 lbs and the decrease in bodyfat percentage was 17.3%. Even more compelling is this group lost the greatest amount of fat from the abdominal and thigh regions, two areas of concern for many men and women with regard to these "stubborn" fat loss areas. Average loss in these areas was an astounding 34.4%!

What’s exciting about this study is the fat lost was exactly in the areas most of us have the most concern, the hips, thighs, and abs.

Even more thrilling was these subjects were already elite athletes, which told you a little of their prior conditioning. They undoubtedly were already in great shape. To get such a change in highly trained athletes is indeed significant and you should sit up and take notice of this. Also interesting to note was these subjects consumed a diet that was less than maintenance.

This is a very important point to take notice of as other studies have shown BCAA supplementation was less effective when the diet provided more calories than needed to maintain bodyweight. When you take in less calories than you need is when the demand for BCAA's by your body increases significantly. This is the time you need to make sure you adequately supply it with BCAA's. The take home message here is to maximize their effectiveness and your money spent and only take BCAA's when you are dieting.

Also, in order to get BCAA's benefits a pharmaceutically effective dose must be taken. This study, as well as most others as well, show that you need to take in 0.25 - 0.32 grams of BCAA's per kilogram of bodyweight for it to be effective. To convert your bodyweight to kilograms divide your weight by 2.2. For example: a 220 lb man is equal to 100 kilograms (220 divided by 2.2 = 100). Then multiply this result by 0.25 - 0.32. In this case a 25-32 gram dose of BCAA's will be needed in order to produce the fat loss/muscle sparing effect for this 200 lb man.

Bottom Line: BCAA supplementation can give you 34.4% more stubborn fat loss while dieting. This is highly effective supplementation everyone. There aren't many supplements that have this many studies behind them verifiying this kind of positive result.

Click the following link to learn even more about these 3 remarkable and effective amino acids:

"Branched Chain Amino Acids and How to Increase Your Fat Loss"

That's it for this month. Make sure you tune in to next month's topic where I'll talk about the keys to lifelong vitality and what you can do right now to help you lose more fat and gain more muscle. Plus, more NUTRITION AND HEALTH SECRETS.


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NEXT MONTH: NUTRITION AND HEALTH SECRETS - More tips and secrets you can use to dramatically improve your health

Also, learn about the keys to lifelong vitality and what you can do right now to help you lose more fat and gain more muscle.

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