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"Kick-Ass Diet and Exercise Secrets
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An "insider" shortcut guide to creating a sensational body that will
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My name is Harry (or Hank as some know me) Johnson Jr. If that doesn't ring a bell, you'll want to check out the testimonials below to see what I do best.

I've been around for a long time...yet I seem to be a mystery man to most folks. That's because, for nearly 6 years, I've been the "secret weapon trainer" behind the scenes for thousands of people that have dramatically transformed their bodies.

Until recently, I chose to stay out of the limelight and concentrate on what I do best...helping people achieve a body they could only dream of getting before they met me.

I've earned my reputation from 14 years in the trenches, creating the most effective diets and exercise routines and supplements that create new bodies for out of shape men and women.

I was the hottest trainer after my methods allowed me to win the prestigious Body For Life™® contest in 1998 (beating out over 220,000 people that entered). I was the the "go to" guy for some of the country's top fitness and diet guru's for some of their toughest weight loss cases.

I'm going to show you how I lost 18 pounds of body fat and gained 10 pounds
of lean muscle in only 3 weeks. (And how in only six weeks I
went from 15.9% body fat to 6.2%!)

The super-intense "insider" education in real-world dieting and exercising I've received working at the cutting edge of the fitness world has been intense, stress-filled (see later how I had to lose 6% body fat in 2 weeks OR DIE!), fun...and worth tens of thousands in secrets and techniques and raw experience.

I've now written for the hottest fitness publication in the world, Muscle Media, and the wildly successful online publication ENLIV, and have had countless of my cutting-edge articles published by numerous other publications and newsletters. These articles continue to run because there's nothing else like them in the publications. Yet they continue to run, over and over, showing others how to...

Create Dramatic and Permanent Body Transformations

I've helped create new bodies for just about every kind of out-of-shape person who's ever walked this earth... people that were born fat, people that got fat over the years through inactivity and bad eating habits, people that got fat for emotional reasons, people that had terrible genetics (like me - trust me, I had some of the worst genetics for losing fat and getting in shape), people with metabolic disorders that make it almost impossible for them to lose weight, people that had worked out for years but could never bust through their plateau's, people that were already in good shape and were looking to take their bodies to the ultimate level, you name it.

And it pleases me to no end that I've been able to help so many people...I have received tremendous emotional fulfillment from my work of helping others. In fact, I've come to realize it's the reason I was put on this earth...

What does this mean for you? Everything, if you need to get in shape, lose weight, or want to get the kind of body you've always dreamed of. Because...I've finally written the killer how-to-get-in-shape course that fills a huge void almost all dieters and anyone looking to lose fat or get in great shape struggle in.

This course is called the "Amazing Fat-Burning Formula/Body Transformation Program". And it's an amazing insider "tell-all" guide -- an honest-to-God, "straight from the trenches" goldmine of proven information, tactics, tricks and insights you won't find anywhere else.

Knowing the "insider" secrets of how the fittest people on earth really diet, exercise and supplement to achieve their incredible physiques offers you the power to change your life. Even if you only want to lose a little weight, this information shows you the easiest way to do just that, with the least effort. In a matter of weeks you can...

  • Overwhelm your body's built-in barriers that prevent fast, safe weight loss...
  • Incinerate the stubborn fat deposite on your body...
  • Crush through any frustrating barriers you may have had in the past...
  • And take your body -- any body -- to breathtaking fitness success in a matter of weeks.
    Whether you are marginally out of shape or grotesquely overweight.

The trick, of course...is finding the right secrets. And the right guide.

I will take you by the hand, answer all your questions...and show you exactly how to do it, step-by-step, as fast as humanly possible. From showing you my killer, fat-incinerating concepts and identifying the precisely exact, yet simple-to-follow steps to mind-boggling results...to choosing the perfect foods that open the tumblers of your fat loss puzzle, making it as simple and easy as knocking down a row of dominoes.

I will show you short-cuts to getting you the most sensational body you'll ever have. I use my "bag of tricks" every day, as a passionately sought-after trainer and consultant. I've spent 14 years honing my chops to lethal perfection. And I have success stories up the yin-yang. (Hey, don't take my word for it. Check out these testimonials that follow).

"Hank... All I can say is I COULD HAVE NEVER DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marla Goerenger - 2000 BodyLogix Transformation Challenge 2nd place in the under 40 women's category

"During My Bodylogix Challenge Hank gave me solid nutritional, supplementation, exercise & motivational advice I needed to get me to the next level! He continues to impress me with his vast nutritional knowledge but even more importantly Hank is a sincere person. Hank is one of the few people I have met in my life, that is truly honest and really cares deeply about helping others succeed.

-Tom Roehl -2000 BodyLogix Transformation Challenge 2nd place in the 40+ age group category

"As hard as it may be to believe, I've lost 12 1/2 pounds in the first 5 days! For the first time in many years I can see myself getting my body back to how it was in college."

-Merrie Price, Addison, Texas

"I have lifted my spirits and depression. I would like to thank you for helping me be able to feel what it is like to be happy again. I tried over 30 times in the last 4 years (and failed) However, your program is awesome, by far the best I've ever tried. It also seems better suited for the average Joe. My fat has never stripped away this fast.'

-Steve Becerra - Hollister, California

Just to let you know everything is right on target....can't believe the results so far. Nice. I can actually see the difference in the mirror as well as how my clothes are fitting.

-- Rick Harrington

"According to the calipers I am now at 8%. Which is great!

Somehow I don’t understand what the big deal is about following this program. It all seems so easy for me as well as fun."

-- Misko

I've had some ASTOUNDING results with your program (just wait 'til you see this!). Thanks for the life change, Hank. You HAVE made me a new person! Wish I could see the look on your face when you see my pictures...

-- John Scaralia

I'm doing great, 5 weeks ago, I was wearing a 48 pants, yesterday I bought a pair of 42s. I either have to cinch up my belt or wear suspenders every day! After almost 4 weeks, I've lost 20 lbs. Gained 1 inch on my biceps, gained 2 inches on my chest, gained 2 inches on my thighs, lost 5 inches in my waist, gained 1 inch on my calves. Thanks a lot for your help.

-- Larry Whiteley

All in all everything is looking up. My progress is not as fast as I want it to be, but I can get busy at times and I end up missing meals and workouts-it's my own damn fault. But I am running 7 and a half minute miles (with relative ease) and I can do 3 sets of 8 pullups. So while I may not like someone on the cover of a magazine, I cannot argue with the quantitative results. The numbers are plain. I am running faster, losing fat, and lifting more and more weight.

Thanks again for the
wonderful program!

-- Erik Knudsen

Yep, that's really me! And believe it or not, I'd already been working out for 8 years when that "before" picture was taken... Then I discovered the Amazing Fat-Burning Formula, entered the Body For Life contest, and beat out over 220,000 contestants!

I won $10,000 in hard, green cash, a brand new Corvette, and a custom designed $2,500 leather jacket.

Here Are Some More Changes Others Have Made That You Can Expect Too...

Eric Springer lost 26.4 lbs of fat, gained 12.7 lbs muscle, all while handicapped by a nerve damaged shoulder suffered in an auto accident. 8/26/01 - 2/26/02 (24 weeks).

Jason Schwartz lost 55.8 lbs of fat, gained 5.3 lbs muscle. Aug 28, 2002 thru Dec 21, 2002 (16 weeks, 3 days)

Eddie Turner lost 25 lbs of fat and gained 8 lbs of muscle in only 9 weeks

Scott Cohen lost 55 lbs of fat in 12 weeks. In another 3 weeks he lost an additional 5% of his body fat and got down to 10% from an initial starting body fat percentage of 30+% - final photos will be posted shortly

[WOMEN - although it may look like this program is just for men, it's not. The results women are getting from utilizing my program for the first time are staggering.]

This hot new course has caused shockwaves because I share all my most potent, fat-destroying, secrets.

There's a lot of nonsense out there. Too many "experts" who really don't have the chops. A gym in every town ready to waste your money by letting you figure it out on your own. Trainers who don't know what they're doing.

That's why I wrote the "Amazing Fat-Burning Formula/Body Transformation Program". It's the exact "insider" course I wish was around when I was starting out. Learning even one or two of these secrets would have short-cut my own success by eight years at least. Probably more. (It can help you leap-frog over the learning process even faster). These are secrets most people never discover

I've sold out the first runs of this course to those smart enough to see what an incredible source of information I put together. Today I'm offering a completely revamped version, still full of the same indelibly effective strategies, tips, and tactics to unleash the powerful fat-loss burning potential you have inside of you. But, with an important and effective difference...

Intense Personal Contact that Guarantees
Your Success

Because of the intense personal contact that I insist on (offering personalized advice and help)... there's a built-in limit to how many "Insiders" I can handle. And we're almost there.

So please... if you're at all interested in checking out this material, and seeing what all the fuss is about... do it now. As I'll explain in a minute, you don't risk a penny.

Here is a small taste of what you'll discover in the private copy of the "Amazing Fat-Burning Formula" I've set aside for you.

  • The 4 instantly-effective secrets of a trainer who was forced to reduce his bodyfat by 5% in 2 weeks... or die! (I call it "Gun to the Head Training")
  • The Amazing "Lazy Exerciser 3-Step Shortcut" to creating your best body (How to quickly turn your body's hidden fat-destroying mechanisms into a white-hot fat incinerator... even if you hate to exercise!)
  • How to destroy more fat in 7 minutes than 34 minutes of regular cardio!
  • How to use the ancient (but little known) "Counter-Intuitive" secret to annihilate your most stubborn fat deposits! (It's the amazing "lost" secret that everyone with great bodies used to create ther spectacular physiques)
  • How to "Ramp-Up" your internal furnace and burn an extra 350-500 calories per day! (Without having to do any exercise at all! This simple trick will let you eat more without gaining any weight.)
  • How to get 357% greater results by exercising a special way (this technique is backed up by late-breaking research showing you exactly what you need to do to duplicate their results)
  • The one supplement that no one in history has failed to develop a killer body without. (This supplement is critical to your body transformation success. Without knowing what it is and using it, you're doomed to failure).
  • Why your fitness success depends on how you think...and how to quickly capitalize on one of the most powerful tools you have in your arsenal for fitness success -- your brain (You'll learn 20 super effective methods for harnessing the dynamite power of your brain).
  • Very simple tactic to double your results (An astonishingly easy technique well-used by smart fitness guru's...but ignored by 99% of those trying to get in shape).
  • A smashingly successful and proven diet methodology you can use immediately (This super effective diet strategy is used by those looking to get into absolute tip-top shape. Harness their secrets to shed your bodyfat almost instantly -- even if you don't want to get to super low bodyfat levels.)
  • A quickie "Idiot's Guide" to human fat-loss physiology (Instantly understand exactly how your body ticks...and learn how to tickle its "fat-loss hot buttons" to the point of frenzy)
  • The fitness multiplying secret of "Operation Synergy"! (This is the secret to continual fitness and shape that won't quit)
  • The secret of Natural Liposuction (So effective that your friends will think you went and had your fat sucked out).
  • A Super-Food that releases your stored bodyfat instantly, ready to be burned. (Yet 99% of the American public is deficient in this essential nutrient. It is directly responsible for the amount of fat loss you can ultimately achieve.)
  • Why your new body will open up incredible doors of opportunity for you (Success begets success. Your entire being will be flooded with potential - incredible opportunities to succeed in other areas of your life await you)

That's just a small sample of what you'll find. There are 4 meaty sections in this fitness course... each designed to short-cut your education. And give you the exact super-detailed roadmap you need to creating your own ridiculously successful fitness program and start transforming into your own head-turning body.

I don't care if you've never exercised a day before in your life. Or if you've tried hundreds of different exercise and diet programs before with no success. Or you're a fitness expert with years of experience behind you. Or even if you haven't got a clue as to whether this program will work for you (it will).

None of that matters.

The ONLY thing that matters...is your desire to get on the bus. To start learning how to do and apply the right things that causes your body to change in a flood, fast and furious.

This isn't brain surgery. But you cannot "figure it out" on your own. I've already spent the critical 14 years of working hard, learning from the very best mentors of fitness, making the obvious mistakes and following through on jaw-dropping successes.

There is absolutely no sane reason why you should want to waste years of your own life attempting to cover this same ground.

Let me be your guide. I know the fastest direct path to get where you want to go.

No one helped me when I started out... and I promised myself I would do whatever I could to make it easier for those who wanted to get fit, lose fat, gain muscle...any and everything that had to do with fitness. And share everything I've learned from the mentors I've worked so closely with, and everything from my own intense personal success in the fitness arena.

This is my fulfillment on that promise.

This is the course I would have killed for when I started out.

It's like having a master fitness trainer standing over your shoulder, guiding you through the details of doing it all yourself. It's your ticket to a front-row seat for the most exciting show on earth. You get to be an "insider". You'll know every secret there is, and how to use them.

Success beyond your wildest dreams awaits. Are you interested?

Here's What's In My "Amazing Fat-Burning Formula/Body Transformation Program"

1) The Amazing Fat-Burning Formula/Body Transformation Program - in this amazing Ebook course, I "bare my soul" and tell you exactly what I did to achieve such an astonishing body transformation to win Grand Prize - And how YOU can get similar results.

(Trust me, my friend - I'm no "superman", I'm no more motivated than anybody else... I failed at my fitness goals for YEARS - UNTIL I finally discovered the Amazing Fat-Burning Formula! It'll work for you, I guarantee it)

2) Complete Diet/Nutrition Worksheet (Complete Ebook Documentation) - This is the step-by-step, hold your hand guide every step of the way you've been looking for. Truly a beginner-to-expert roadmap to fat-burning success.

3) Complete Exercise Charts (Complete EBook Charts) - How to short-cut your success and quickly begin making changes to your body with this scientifically formulated exercise plan.

You'll only be exercising a little over 2 hours a week, and getting BETTER RESULTS than others who spend 8 hours or more a week. That's the beauty of it - You get better results by doing less.

(You'll download and receive all this information instantly the second you order -- no need to wait for any bulky books and manuals to arrive -- and you can print out as little or as much of the information you want whenever you need to. PLUS, you'll receive FREE automatic updates I make to the program...forever -- because science never stands still)

This is mega-valuable stuff. You get everything I learned from 14 years of failing...until I finally found what really worked. This absolutely is NOT raw theory -- it's hard-core PROVEN diet and exercise and tactics and secrets that actually allowed me and others to massively change...and get into the best shape of their lives. You'll see what I wrote, understand why I wrote it...and have the opportunity to...

Plunder My Brain For Your Benefit!

I've never been motivated to put it all together before. Now that I've finally decided to share my secrets... here it is. One packed-tight collection of material that will shock, titillate, and educte the hell out of you. And you'll be stunned by the low price I ask. (More on that in just a moment).

This is hot stuff.

This is world-class material.

Hang on...we're not through yet. Because I've just redesigned this web site, and I wanted to reward you for jumping on board now...I've decided to pull out all the stops.

If you "Order Right Now "... I will knock $50 off the regular price. Plus, I'll throw in the "20 Blueprints To Success" manual and the "Weekly Email Tips"

. Blueprints to Accelerate Weight Loss

These are the most generous and inexpensive terms I have EVER offered online for this material. You should know that my lowest fee for a 12-week program is $2,700 (this works out to $75 per hour). For private, personal consultations I charge $100 per hour...over the phone.

This has garnered me a damn good reputation -- because I don't charge you unless my advice gives you results. [How's that for a no-risk guarantee]

That means I put my money where my mouth is. I'm not kidding around with my advice for getting in shape. What I tell you works -- we know this, because my techniques and advice has caused thousands of massive body transformations in the past 6 years.

There's no guesswork.

No silly theory.

Just hard-boiled, "grab your unwanted fat by the throat and yank it out of your body" fitness info.

It's what I do. It's what I'm offering to teach you. In a short-cut manner that's fast, easy, simple...and fun. Imagine that -- having fun while you learn how to massively change your body. And you get all this for a fraction of what it would cost you to hire me directly.

What's more...

You're Gonna Earn Your Money Back!

By using a killer (and highly effective) diet... [no more searching and spending money for another diet solution-- the answer is right here]

Learning the right (and wrong) ways to exercise...[time is money -- all your gym time is super productive, not a waste of time like in the past]

Knowing exactly which supplements help you (and which are worthless)...[Following my supplement recommdations alone will easily earn you back the money you would have wasted on worthless supplements]

And, by tapping into the powerful, all-encompassing fitness knowledge-bank I've created, you'll stop the mad cycle of trying one failed program after another... eliminate your crazy search, and stop your bleeding wallet!

Most people waste more money in six months on worthless supplements, diets, and programs than what you will invest here. And -- my tactics, techniques, and advice will continue to save you money the longer you use it. And what I share with you routinely causes your results to shoot through the roof...how much is that worth to you?

If you've been trying to get in shape...and just one tip I provide can save you time, money and aggravation...in a couple of months the money you spend here will seem like pocket change...in fact, this will feel like...

You must hurry. I am positive I will get deluged with orders from this hyper-generous offer. Today is Thursday, December 4, 2008 and I promise you I will keep this website up only as long as I can easily handle the response.

You risk nothing. I am well-known in the business, and I protect my reputation like a pitbull protects his home. If you are not completely hapopy, for any reason at all, then I insist you ask for a refund.

I know how difficult it is to find real, honest and expert advice like this. If you aren't ready for what I offer, that's fine. Some of these secrets and tactics are so far out of the "mainstream" that only experienced fitness professionals know how well they work. I am not out to convert you to anything. I am out to share the proven secrets that no one else has the chops, expertise, or cojones to reveal.

Don't wait on this however. You're getting a better deal on this than anyone else...but only if you act right away. The old law of supply and demand will be working here in full force. In other words, when the demand gets too high and I have a hard time handling everyone, I will be forced to raise the price or eliminate the service altogether . So, you snooze, you lose. These extra loaded offers are offered only to entice those with enough foresight and wisdom to see the tremendous value I'm offering here. Once I have enough I can handle that's it. And if you have any doubts into what I'm saying here then just wait. Prices will go up...I promise you. Yes, you'll still be able to get my program, but at a much higher price and without all the extra free bonuses I'm going to charge you for in the future.

When the new (higher) prices go into effect, this special deal is gone forever. So don't screw around. Order this stuff today, right now, while it's still hot in your mind. And prepare to have your mind blown... and your entire world changed forever. It really is that powerful.

Get It Now!!!

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P.S. Remember, you'll get my Amazing Fat-Burning Formula/Body Transformation Program (exactly the program I used to win the 1998 Body For Life Contest), my Complete Diet and Nutrition Workbook - the step-by-step, hold you by the hand guide you've been looking for that completely eliminates any guesswork on what to eat for maximum weight loss, when to eat it for fastest weight loss, and why you'll lose fat faster eating this way... than anything else out there available today.. hands down. And, my targeted exercise routines that will allow you to strip fast fast while also building lean, strong muscle.

Manual - Lose Weight Fast

P.P.S. If you order within the next 10 minutes, I'll include my BLUEPRINTS TO BODY TRANSFORMATION SUCCESS guide. LISTEN CAREFULLY HERE... These Blueprints outline EXACTLY what I did to win the BODY FOR LIFE CONTEST 10 years ago. Without using these blueprints you will not make the same kind of progress as you can with them. I would not have won the Body For Life contest without them. When used together, these BLUEPRINTS work synergistically to shed fat fast, achieve fast weight loss, and a brand new body... your family and friends will be amazed!

Blueprints - Lose Weight Fast

P.P.P.S. One last thing... Remember, you'll only be excercising a little over 2 hours a week... that's it... and getting BETTER RESULTS than others who spend 8 hours a week or more. That's the beauty of it - You'll get better results by doing less.

P.P.P.P.S. I've reduced the price even further when you order in the next 10 minutes. "See Next Page" for special discounted price.

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